Elegant Simplicity

Oregon (Douglas Fir) beams in the lounge

One of the most striking features of this architecturally designed property at 109 Captains Gully-Sandon Road, Sandon, is its elegant simplicity.  In close collaboration with the architect, Martine Seccull, the owners have ensured that within the simplicity, there is stylish, theatrical, detail.  And it is this detail that you cannot help but notice.  The quality of the fittings and the subtle, sophisticated touches capture the imagination.  Everything is functional, yet within this order is a sense of joy and a very comfortable energy.

Set within pristine box ironbark forest land, which quite literally takes care of itself, this home in Sandon genuinely provides a country residence for those with city sensibilities.  Tucked here, within your own private universe, enjoying the beauty of the man-made dam, which is of lake proportions, you are isolated, but by no means remote.  Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemaine, Daylesford, Kyneton and Melbourne are all within easy reach, enabling the residents to fully enjoy the benefits of both city, rural beauty and all that this vibrant region has to offer.

Custom solid jarrah shelving

1 inch jarrah decking boards

Garden Fountain

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